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Is one right for you?
Not everyone is cut out for abroad programs. For certain students, the opportunity to study abroad represents an exciting way to cap their K-12 schooling after they graduate. But before one determines whether an abroad program is the right decision with either a summer study abroad or semester study abroad program, here are several questions, objectives and purposes to consider: 

What are the top-rated reasons students participate in study abroad programs? 
From student-to student, foreign exchange students have varying personal reason for participating in study abroad programs. Review the leading five reasons, students opt to study abroad in a summer abroad or semester abroad opportunity:

  • Learn foreign languages
  • Prepare for college
  • Diversify studies
  • Travel to meet new people
  • Experience a different culture. 

Why do you want to be in a study abroad program?
If the objective of studying abroad is to escape from problems at school or to get away from your family, then the opportunity to study abroad may not be ideal. However, prospective exchange students who yearn to learn a second language or experience other cultures first hand often find abroad programs the right choice. 

Do you want to join a study abroad program to experience life away from home to prepare for college?
Just as the adjustments of college campus life can be overwhelming, the same is true of both summer and semester abroad programs. Nevertheless, a student exchange program offers the added security of a host family. Unlike living on a college campus, foreign exchange students can rely on a host family to help acclimate to the stresses of living away from home as well as provide you with a wealth of life lessons.


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