General Study Abroad Expenses
Application fees
Administrative fees
Academic fees
Tuition and other related academic fees
Books and school supplies (labs fees, notebooks, pens etc).
Computers: Internet use fees, access to e-mail

Student Travel Documents
Passport fee

International Student Identity Card

Immunizations (if applicable)

Student Visa (if required) 

Insurance Expenses
Medical/health and accident insurance

Traveler's insurance for lost or stolen personal items (for example, stolen laptop or digital camera)

Trip Insurance (missed or cancelled flights or trip cancelled)

Student Travel, Airfare, Transportation
Round-trip transportation to and from the host country

Transportation between point of international entry and program site or host family home

Daily commuting expenditures (Cost of travel to and from the high school, college or university campus)

Program-related travel

Optional travel (field trips, extracurricular activities, etc)

Study Abroad Program Room and Board 


Housing or key deposits

Residence permits