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Argentina may not come immediately to your mind when you are selecting a destination for your study abroad plans but the fact is that many students, especially Americans, are allured by the country’s vibrant culture and an exceptional sense of style, peculiar to Latin America.. 

Study abroad programs are more than just changing the locale of your study to visit and experience a new environment. It is also important for your personal growth and should provide you a professional edge in the highly competitive job market. Even a summer study abroad for a short period should give you the valuable experience of studying the similarities and differences between the cultures of your domicile and the host country. This kind of a study abroad schedule may go a long way in changing your preconceived notions. Study abroad students get a deep insight into the way other people think and behave in similar circumstances. In fact, during your study abroad program, you can also learn to be tolerant and appreciative of differing opinions and cultures. Additionally, it is also a productive way of exploring new places. Education in Argentina was fractured until the time President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (1868–1874) placed emphasis on bringing Argentina up to date with the modern educational systems as is prevalent in developed countries. For that purpose he encouraged immigration of trained teachers, along with establishing schools and public libraries all over Argentina. Secondary education in Argentina is called, Polimodal, meaning, having multiple modes and it allows students to choose their own disciplines based on specific and individual preferences. The school year in Argentina starts in March and runs through December with a two week vacation in July that is subject to change according to provincial laws. Foreign students find the system of teachers changing classes during the school hours, as a very convenient tool for interacting and making friends with classmates. Unless your study abroad is in any of the technological areas of study, you can expect to attend either morning or evening classes only.

Iguazu Falls. Study Abroad in Argentina. Become a foreign exchange student in Argentina.There is no dearth of public, free, and private universities in Argentina that offer different study abroad programs in various fields of study. Your choice varies from languages to humanities to technology and science. Language is not a problem for study abroad students as English, German, and French are understood and spoken even though the official language is Spanish. To facilitate easier understanding of study courses and interaction with teachers and classmates, Spanish language classes are held for those interested in learning the language. In fact, one of the most popular high school summer abroad programs in Argentina is the study of the Spanish language itself. Some of the other popular study abroad programs are in the fields of history, politics, and people of Argentina and Hispanic America. 

A study abroad scholarship is not a problem for students with a good academic record and there are numerous study abroad organizations that offer scholarships for studying in Argentina. Visa requirements for entry into the country are simple and easy to comply. With a completed application form you have to submit:
- one photograph 
- a return ticket 
- copy of your passport
- a letter from the institution that has accepted you as a study abroad student

Argentina is regarded as one of the best Latin American destinations due to its richness and contrast. Buenos Aires, the capital city, is most indicative of the art and culture of Argentinean people and is emerging as a major urban centre that is not uncomfortable with its guttural tango roots. 

Argentina ranks among the leading tourists destinations in Latin America and is the most appropriate place to learn the tango. Some of its natural marvels, the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Iguazu Falls, are awesome and outdoor activities like skiing, white water rafting, and mountaineering act as stress relievers for study abroad students looking for a break. Argentina is a land of passion which fascinates most visitors with its amazing landscapes and fun loving population.


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COINED Spanish Courses in Argentina - Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires, Cordoba , Mendoza, Bariloche, Ushuaia and Santiago de Chile. Internship and volunteer placements.

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