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If mountains could be built out of molehills, then Canada is an appropriate example of it. From very humble origins, Canada has been catapulted to a position where it has become, not only the second largest country in the world, after Russia, but also attained a superlative stature among the top destinations for study abroad with its excellent study abroad programs

The icing on the cake is that you are sure of being welcomed in Canada and the fact that the country has been getting nearly 130,000 foreign students every year for study abroad programs is a standing proof of that. Canada’s universities offer excellent opportunities for summer study abroad as well as high school study abroad. 

Another reason to include Canada in your option list for study abroad is that the cost of study is the cheapest among other top destinations like UK, USA, and Australia. This should not make you doubt the quality of education imparted in the Canadian Universities because they maintain an exceptionally high standard of secondary education despite the comparatively lower cost.

Students hailing from Commonwealth countries have the chance of getting study abroad scholarships. These scholarships are however limited to very few students of high intellectual promise and restricted to Commonwealth countries. Canada is also one of the few countries that provide foreign students on a student visa to several convenient entitlements including the right to work on campus as well as off the campus. This is a very convenient provision that enables you to pay for your own high school study abroad and your pocket money as well.

Visa requirements for foreign students are not cumbersome. Depending upon your nationality you may not need a visa if you are visiting for less than 90Ice skate in Toronto. Study Abroad in Canada. Become a foreign exchange student in Canada. days. For other full academic study abroad programs you will be asked to file some simple documents along with a fee of $80 USD. Apart from the usual photographs and passport, some of the important documents that you should keep ready on applying include an acceptance letter from the institution you are joining, proof of funds up to ten thousand Canadian dollars to support you for one year of study abroad and a transcript of the last program studied.

The province of Quebec has an additional requirement mandatory for visa. If you plan to study in that province you will have to procure and submit a Certificat d' Acceptation du Québec from the Service d'Immigration du Québec. Visa applications are processed quickly in Canada and if the documentation is in order, it is usually granted in 5 weeks. 

The summer is peak time in Canada for students planning summer study abroad and courses get filled up quickly. Keeping these conditions in mind, Canadian universities suggest that you apply for admission at least one year in advance from the projected time of arrival in the country.

To enjoy living even while busy in high school study abroad in Canada, it will stand you in good stead to know something about the country’s multi cultural, multi ethnic society as well as the climate and tourist attractions. Despite the extreme cold weather in the north, the Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes act to modify the local temperatures making it suitable as a convenient place for high school summer abroad.

Canada is a huge country that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic and deep into the Arctic with lots of places that can make your high school summer abroad a pleasant experience. Canada has a lot to offer: from bustling cosmopolitan cities to rugged mountains and soft sandy beaches. Canada is in fact made for exploring: from innovative and delightful attractions to the whisper of wind in the immense tracts of wilderness to an invigorating hike in the mountains: all have a great potential for exploration and provide excellent opportunities for relaxation.



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