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China has a long checkered history, expansive geography, and a diverse population. However, present day China presents openings in China study tours, comparable, if not better, to any other modern country. With the Chinese economy showing an unprecedented growth, its universities too are attracting international students seeking China study abroad and for those interested in learning the Chinese language or how to speak cantonese.

During the sixties, the Cultural Revolution, China’s higher education system was severely affected and brought to the brink of collapse. After 1970, with a paradigm change in China’s approach to globalization, the same education system has bounced back and expanded with its superlative universities receiving students wanting to study abroad from all over the world. 

Well known Chinese Universities like Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiatong University, Fudan University, and Zhongshan University, as well as Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Hong Kong offer a number of courses including high school summer abroad summer ensuring an international atmosphere with students from various linguistic backgrounds.

To help foreign students overcome the language barrier and learn about China, specialized institutions like Beijing Language and Culture University and Beijing Drama School have initiated Chinese teaching summer study abroad courses to help the student learn chinese in language and culture, drama and opera music. 

Anyone entering China for more than 48 hours is required to possess a valid visa. Depending upon the length of the China study tour, students can chooseLearn Chinese. Study Abroad in China. Become a foreign exchange student in China. one of the two visas: 
- Visitor ‘F: Visa for less than 6 month courses
- Student ‘X’ Visa for longer than 6 month courses

If money is a concern for you, you can apply to the Chinese Government or the foundations and universities of your own country to find out about a study abroad scholarship that you can avail. The China Scholarship Council is a government body which offers scholarships to students from the European Union. The Chinese government has recently announced it will provide study abroad scholarships for more than 11,000 international students.

Chinese study abroad visas carry a caveat and do not allow students to work under any condition. The documents that you have to carry while applying to the Embassy for a visa include:

- Passport (valid for at least 6 months past visa issue date, or 9 months for a multiple-entry visa)
- Completed application form
- Passport-sized photo(s)
- Proof of travel itinerary, hotel booking, return ticket, etc. 
- Proof of sufficient funds
- Letter of acceptance from a Chinese institute
- Medical certificate if you are staying in China for more than 6 months

China is a big country with more than a billion people and its cities are densely populated, energetic and vibrant. Beijing, the capital city, is the political, cultural and historical center with Shanghai and Hong Kong as the economic nerve centers of what is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

If you have a vision of China which revolves around Maoist revolutionaries dressed in buttoned tunics exercising in Tiananmen Square then you are in for a surprise during your China study tour. Modern China is more about MTV and T-shirts with English slogans slashed across the chest rather than the revolutionary slogans of the Cultural Revolution.

China is also one of the oldest civilizations and has more history to offer than one can imagine. Apart from the Great Wall, The Forbidden City in Beijing never fails to fascinate those who travel to China for study abroad. In your spare time you can also explore the natural landscapes of China. Other places of interest that you would not like to miss are the waterfalls, gorges, underground caverns and limestone pinnacles of the Yunnan-Guizhbou Plateau - the 'Oasis of Fire' (the Turpan Depression) and the shifting salt lakes of the Taklamakan Desert in Inland China.


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