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Study abroad in England can have the potential of boosting your career as the qualifications are respected the world over due to the high quality standards of its universities. Englandís universities have developed intensive and short courses that may suit your plans for high school study abroad in terms of cost and time. More than three thousand educational institutions of UK offer three-year degree courses and one-year post graduate Masters Courses. This means that you save, not only on your tuition costs but also are ready to jump into the employment market much sooner. 

If you are looking only at high school summer abroad, England should be high on your priority list. Englandís study abroad programs provide excellent avenues for international students seeking an English speaking system for high school study for a summer, semester or year abroad. 

A study abroad scholarship is no problem whether you are there for summer study abroad or for any of the study abroad programs. The government of England offers nearly twenty one thousand scholarships and bursaries every year, for international students. The best way to obtain one is to approach the Education Department or the British Council in your country for details and mode of obtaining one.

To avoid last minute emergencies, it will be a good policy if you start your enquiries well in time, say, about a year before the tentative date for the study abroad program. This should give you enough time for research of a study abroad scholarship that are offered by foundations, trusts, and universities and completion of documents required for admission and visa.

Admission requirements in most universities, for high school study abroad, include a score of 6 or above in International English Language Testing ServiceSee London. Study Abroad in England. Become a foreign exchange student in England. (IELTS), grade C in Cambridge Proficiency of English or Cambridge Advanced English; Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with score 550 or above; NEAB University Entrance Test in English for speakers of other languages at Grade 3. For Masterís Degree, however, an equivalent of a first or second class Honors Bachelors degree from an accredited university is mandatory. 

Among the many options available, you can choose an academic study abroad program and university environment from among various institutions to best fit your needs. Some of the options that you can keep in mind are

- Select courses in hard to find subject areas, 
- Internship programs in areas such as Law, Politics, and Criminal Justice 
- Hands-on courses in theater and art, designed specifically for international students 
- GET involved in British culture through on-campus clubs and societies, writing for the student newspaper, or volunteering 
- Media universities for studying media arts and design

A valid studentís visa is mandatory for all, barring citizens of a few countries who have simply need to satisfy the immigration authorities of their eligibility, upon arrival in England. If you are not from such a country then you will have to carry the following documents to the embassy or British Mission in your country for getting a visa for study abroad in the UK.

- Valid passport
- Completed IM2A and IM2B application forms
- 2 passport sized-photos
- Letter of acceptance from the university you are joining
- Evidence of financial resources for living and lodging without having to apply to a job or local public scholarship
- Evidence of accommodation arrangements for duration of trip
- Letter of intent for post-course period to be presented on arrival (applicable to non visa students also)

A change in the work regulations in England gives an additional benefit for your study abroad plans. International students can now work for twenty hours a week when studying and full time during vacations.

While enjoying your high school study abroad you can expect yourself to get inevitably involved in the countryís cultural, economic and political center: London. Samuel Johnson, the most celebrated Englishman of the 18th century, once remarked, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." The more than two centuries old quote still remains relevant for those who live in London, as the city is still fascinating and full of vigor. 

England, however, has much more to offer with its beautiful sceneries, superb countryside, camping and caravan parks that can provide you welcome respites from your study abroad schedules. United Kingdom, the land of the phlegmatic and tight upper lipped Englishman, may be a study in contrast, what with its monarchial as well as a democratic set up of governance, but if you look beneath the surface, there is a beautiful country where urban scenes of modern buildings merge effortlessly with medieval architecture and delicate landscapes.



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