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One of the most historically abundant countries in the world, Italy probably has more places and venues to see and cherish than you can expect to see even in a whole academic year. The country maintains a fine balance between being among the top 8 industrialized countries in the world and also being the hub of Renaissance.

Italy has played an important role in the higher education in the European society. It was a key player in the educational reforms that were started, known as the Bologna Process. This involved a Bologna Declaration in the summer of 1999 that is being now followed and applied all through Europe. 

Study abroad programs are available in most of the 83 higher education universities of Italy and 58 of these are accredited to the State. Other than these universities and institutions, there are numerous private or non-government sponsored institutes that manage and run study abroad programs on various disciplines.

For international students who want to study abroad in Italy, there is a spate of universities to choose from. The country houses the oldest university in the Western World – the Università di Bologna created in 1088. The La Sapienza University is acclaimed for its academic courses in humanities and social sciences. Other universities excel in politics, law and international affairs. For study abroad programs in engineering the Politechnico di Milano and University of Torino are the best choices that a study abroad student can make. Needless to say, Florence and Venice are the unsurpassable locations to study art, architecture and history.

Some institutes are specially aligned to accommodate study abroad students and have high school summer study abroad programs for those who are Venice. Study Abroad in Italy. Become a foreign exchange student in Italy. interested in high school summer study abroad in the country. Florence based, Studio Art Centers International (SACI) has courses in liberal and studio art where one can gain prowess in drawing, design and architecture. Universities like the Syracuse University also offer internships to give you practical experience in the industry. 

A student visa is required to study abroad in Italy even if you are present in the country for a short period of time on a high school summer abroad program. You will require the following documents while applying for a visa.
- A valid passport
- A letter of acceptance from the university that you propose to join in Italy
- Flight reservations for a round trip into and out of Italy
- Letter from your bank indicating an availability of funds, account number, credit card details and balance
Along with the application form, you must attach a letter addressed to the Italian Consulate explaining how you plan to support you stay and education in Italy. In case you have obtained a study abroad scholarship you need to provide adequate documentation to prove the same. 

Once in Italy, you will need to show the proof of a health insurance to the Questura (authorities) to get your residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno). It may take about 2 to 3 weeks for you to get sanctions for a visit to Italy on a student visa. 

While you are studying abroad, whether it is for an academic course or spending a high school summer abroad, it is almost mandatory that you visit the world-renowned locations in the country. You are likely to see a contrast of the latest fashions, modern building and industry with the historical monuments that are replete with culture and legends in the course of your stay. The canals of Venice, the statues of Florence, the magisterial presence of the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain are sites that you should definitely not miss. The Vatican City, smallest country in the world, is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the grand St. Peter's Basilica and experience the Swiss Guards and the beauty of the architecture.

People in Italy are friendly and relaxed and eager to share the various legends of heroes, villains, victories and defeats if only you care to ask them. Be sure to bask in the glory of this rich culture while you are there.


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