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New Zealand, out of the limited number of options for study abroad in the Southern Hemisphere, is comparable, if not better, to other destinations. The usual perception is that New Zealand lacks something that seekers of college study abroad look for in study abroad programs. The reality, however, is far from that perception.

University is highly regarded in New Zealand and the country has modeled study abroad curriculums in a manner that is highly compatible with the requirements of the modern world. Children begin their compulsory primary school at the age of five that lasts for eight years. This is a prerequisite to enter into secondary classes. High school continues for another five years and at the end offers you a High school Certificate. From there, the choices for University or college are plentiful. The system incorporates innovative high school summer abroad programs that impart quality training to study abroad students in a number of disciplines. The government and the educational institutions ensure that top scholars are offered a study abroad scholarship and bursaries in order to encourage participation. 

It is cool in New Zealand when all the Northern Hemisphere experiences summer and it could be the ideal choice for a summer study abroad simply because of the climate being agreeable.

New Zealand has a long list of countries whose nationals can enter and remain in the country for a 90 day study abroad program without the need for a visa. All other nationals require a valid student visa for study abroad in the country. Visa is usually granted within three weeks of application if the documentation and eligibility are in order. If you choose to apply for a student visa online you stand to save $50 from the normal visa fee of $120 that is charged for applications received through the immigration branches. However, if you belong to some of the select countries listed by the New Zealand government you may even qualify for a waiver of the visa fee.

Study Abroad in New Zealand. Become a foreign exchange student in New Zealand.The documents required to be submitted are routine and not a problem if you have been accepted by an educational institution as a study abroad student. 
  • Completed application form
  • A recent passport-size photograph
  • Evidence of financial-support or sponsorship
  • Evidence of onward travel

New Zealand is small country, lies to the east of Australia and is comprised of two major islands. It is a land of tranquility where you can stay away from the usual rat race. The two islands, North and South are divided by the Cook Strait, named after the famous explorer, Captain James Cook, who chartered the islands on his voyages of 1769 and 1779. The British established sovereignty over the country in 1840 and later granted it internal self government in 1852.

However, the Polynesian Maori were the first settlers in New Zealand who came here approximately a thousand years ago. Despite forming only 15% of the population, the Maori people assert their influence on governance by continuing to keep alive their rich cultural heritage. The Maori language is New Zealandísí second official language.

Study abroad students have quite of lot to see and explore when they are not busy in their studies. In the North Island city of Rotorua, commonly called The Sulphur City, experience the hissing geysers, boiling mud, volcanic fumes coming out of fumaroles, silica terraces, and colored craters. The South Island is home to one of the unparalleled relics of the last Ice Age. The Franz Josef and Fox glaciers of New Zealand still flow almost to sea level, cutting through dramatic glacial valleys into temperate rain forests. 



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