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Academics can be boring some of the times. The monotonous routine life and rigorous schedules can indeed tire and drain your energies. Did any one suggest to you a study abroad program amidst beautiful surroundings, like  Scotland for example?

Scotland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its impressive mixture of farmlands, rugged mountains, and cliffs provide serene surroundings that can be very congenial for study abroad.

Situated north of England and governed by the United Kingdom, Scotland is home to some of the most reputed universities of UK. So, don’t just shrug away Scotland from your list of options if you are looking for a destination to study abroad. 

St. Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland and the third oldest in the UK after Oxford and Cambridge. St. Andrews is a classic example of a healthy mix of traditional Scottish and modern systems of education. Situated in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands, with its own loch and castle in the campus, Sterling University has the potential of making your summer study abroad a memorable experience. Glasgow School of Art is one of the few independent art schools in the UK and famous for its excellence and creativity.

Considering the pristine environment and reputation of its universities, Scotland, is an ideal place for your high school summer abroad. University in Scotland offers internationally recognized qualifications which can enhance your career prospects in a big way. 

Loch Ness monster? Study Abroad in Scotland. Become a foreign exchange student in Scotland. There are quite a few study abroad scholarships available for talented students that fund study abroad in Scotland as well as living expenses. Some of these scholarships are country specific and meant only for a Master’s Degree. High school study abroad students can approach the government of UK or their domicile country for a scholarship.

Visa requirements for entry in Scotland are governed by the same rules that apply for entry in UK.
A certificate of accreditation from a recognized university, a couple of photographs, and a valid passport are part of the routine documents that you would require to obtain a student visa to enter Scotland, directly or through England. The British authorities, however, insist upon a proof showing that you will return back home after you complete your study abroad. This can be in the shape of proof of your binding familial or financial ties with your home country.

Whichever location in Scotland you choose, you are bound to be impressed by the Scottish customs and your study abroad stay is likely to create unforgettable memories in this remarkably country where you will still find men dressed in their traditional kilts, playing the bagpipe. 

Before its unification with UK in 1707, Scotland saw intense battles between Viking-descendent clans of the Highlands and Catholics fighting with Protestants. Now the very same castles, Threave in Southern Scotland and Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye offer a classic study in spellbinding architecture.

From the bustling cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow to quieter and traditionally Scottish cities of Sterling and St. Andrews, to places like Kirkcaldy (birthplace of the famous economist, Adam Smith, author of Wealth of Nations.) that brought linen to the world, Scotland indeed offers a variety of experiences for study abroad students. 

Kingdom of Fife, the hidden wonder of Scotland, is another place that you can explore. Despite its inherent beauty it has remained hidden for a long time from the attention of the casual tourist. Now home to some of the finest preservation and restoration work in the UK, Fife is not only home to St. Andrews University, the first university in Scotland but also to the first ever 18 hole golf course in the world. You will find that Fife is indeed a classical study in contrast with the Fourth Rail Bridge, a technological masterpiece of Victorian engineering skills on one hand and picturesque East Neuk fishing villages, famous for having inspired Daniel Defoe to write his novel ‘Robinson Crusoe’.

In case Scotland and its affable people impress you with their hospitality and warmth, you can officially convert your student visa to a work permit and work there for up to two years after the completion of your study abroad program.



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