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6 Smart Study Abroad Strategies

Before you head off to study abroad, there are a few ways to adjust to the potential culture shock and logistics of coping with study in a foreign country. Use the following strategies to simplify your life

  1. Devise a budget. To ensure that you do not run short of funds, it is important to set out a weekly budget. Plan to withdraw the same amount of money each week. A disciplined spending budget will help avoid the possibility of going broke immediately.

  2. Pack your personal photos. Studying abroad can induce a bad case of homesickness. Bring pictures of your family and friends. A friendly, familiar face can quell those yearnings.

  3. Invest in a guidebook. For a fast study of the country you plan to study abroad in, purchase a guidebook and language dictionary. Look for a guidebook that details various customs, traditions and social etiquette information. 

  4. Consult others. Talk to others who have visited the country you will be studying in. Be sure to ask about, where to do your laundry, a reliable place to mail letters, places to eat affordable good food, where the most inexpensive places are to access the Internet, any unusual laws of the area and so forth. 

  5. Travel via public transit. A public transit pass can mean savings during study abroad travel. Taxis and shuttles can be quite expensive. Instead of hailing a cab, climb aboard a bus or train. Not only will you save money but it will provide a closer study of the culture.

  6. Log your life. To keep yourself company and to document a record of your adventures, keep a journal. To improve your language skills, try to write a paragraph a day in the other language. It will help you become more fluent. 

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