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Study abroad students are usually enrolled as a separate or special class of student, although some well funded high schools or universities may accept them as a regular student. Most students study abroad mainly for language study, while others do so for advance specialized academic studies. Having a good degree from another country is quite a prestigious achievement and in fact some students can learn a great deal more simply by studying in a completely new environment. 

However, not all students find language study in another country easy. Some of the early difficulties that they tend to face are; language barriers, time differences, cultural differences, unusual study schedules, etc. Plus  in some countries, it's well known that study abroad students are forced to pay higher tuition fees than citizens of that country although students are normally exempted from paying income taxes of the country. Many exchange students opt to travel back and visit the country where they had pursued their academic studies abroad.

One trend noticed regarding study abroad students is the way that students choose their destination. Many base their decision according to their home country’s preference or the ones that their country is aligned with. These days, several prominent colleges and universities have come up with study abroad courses which cater to the needs of international students. Along with that came an increase in the number of international student scholarships available from both the home country and the host country universities. This makes it much easier for an international student to get accepted for courses in a study abroad program.  

Another noticeable trend we find is that many study abroad universities with a large number of certain ethnic groups actually have societies for these international student groups who are an important part of the university community. As such they sort of provide an important social network especially for new or shy international students who may find it hard to interact with others.


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