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Summer Study Abroad Program

Students can also enhance their learning experience greatly by enrolling in summer study abroad programs. These days, they no longer have to spend their summer vacation simply in leisure instead they can venture abroad on a summer study program for language study following their freshman or sophomore year. Although summer study abroad programs are quite a different experience as compared to an academic year abroad or semester study program they are still as enlightening and rewarding. A successful summer abroad program should help the international student determine if they want to pursue a year or semester abroad program.  

Before taking study abroad courses, it's a good idea to check whether you can get credits from the various programs which are handled on a case by case basis by the universities deans or heads of the relevant department to the courses taken abroad. In fact for these sort of summer abroad sessions, many universities give the students a chance to apply for scholarships and financial aid although these grants tends to be quite limited at times. As always, students wishing to go for any study abroad program should apply ahead in case they are looking for scholarship assistance. 

Summer study abroad programs need not necessarily be for formal study. They can simply be for foreign language study or independent research programs in other countries or internships work or volunteer abroad. The beneficial prospect of summer study abroad programs has led to the rise of many fellowship opportunities for studentís concerned about getting involved in such non study options abroad. In fact there are several study abroad programs just for high school students. 

Some of the fellowship opportunities available for students that focus on summer study abroad can apply to Freeman Asia, International Summer Award program, Fulbright, NSEP, Sanders, Richard U. Light Fellowship etc which are either need based or merit based. These are among the best study abroad programs for high school and college students. Visa facilities as well as housing accommodations are somewhat easier for students on these programs. However, it's recommended that you consult with your schools study abroad advisor to get more information on available programs. 

The success of summer abroad study has facilitated in increasing the number of summer program activities throughout the world! Some of the rewarding as well as fascinating summer study abroad that students can join are those programs in Butler University, Institute for Study Abroad and many others. 

Thereís the School for Field Studies in Kenya. Europe, h as the CET Siena, Academic programs Abroad in Paris, Denmark International Study Program, International summer school at University of Oslo. Schools for field studies in Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico and Georgetown University in Quito, Ecuador are just some of the good programs available for summer study abroad. There are many study abroad courses; business, language, music, English, film and so on. There are plenty of summer study abroad programs for students but available spaces fill up fast, so hurry and make the choice that you are interested in!


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